Tim Bichara

Tizen Rises from the Ashes

Amongst the world of iOS and Android mobile devices, a new operating system is rising to the challenge. Rising from the roots of Meego, the Linux-based Tizen recently reached the 1.0 milestone and promptly had its own developers conference last week.

As a system designed for multi-platform deployment – smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and other devices – it is based on various platforms including Intel’s MeeGo platform, and is being actively backed by Intel and Samsung through it’s development.

Photo: TIZENtalk

Samsung raised the stakes at the conference by releasing developer handsets with Tizen installed. Additionally, it has also been exhibited installed on an existing Galaxy II, raising questions about Samsung’s longterm allegiance to Android and launching comparisons with Windows Phone. Through Tizen, Samsung could stand to gain independence from Google’s marred Android upgrades and overcome the possible threat of Google-Motorola competition in the future.

But what about the apps? Platforms can’t compete without an app offering, as Microsoft knows only too well. Tizen makes it easy for developers to build apps using standard web technology but most promisingly, Open Mobile have declared that their ACL technology will enable any Android app to run on the platform as well, opening up a vast market of potential apps.

Android has long relied upon carriers to make it succeed. And amongst the myriad devices in the Android space, Samsung has arisen as the primary smartphone vendor, both by volume and profit. This could make its Tizen play not just intriguing but highly achievable.


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