Tim Bichara

The Obligatory Steve Jobs Post

While we were all very sad at Nimble to hear about Steve Job’s passing, we resisted the urge to blog about it immediately. We knew that the internet would be buzzing with eulogies before Steve was even cold in his grave and we didn’t feel our comments would add much to the mix.

All the clichés are true of course. Steve Jobs was a visionary, a man who ‘knew what we wanted before we did’. He changed how we interact with technology and indeed how we interact with each other.

But for us at Nimble, Steve Jobs’ legacy will always be the way in which he executed his vision with absolute single mindedness. Sure, he was a tyrant, an eccentric who terrorised his staff with fits of rage. But surely it would have been impossible for him to have been any other way. When you blessed with such an ability to see beyond the curve, your frustrations with those who cannot do so must be immense.

It’s this legacy of Steve Jobs that will influence us the most. The determination to see a idea through to the point of completion and a refusal to settle for second best. A trait that is common to so many great men from Thomas Edison to Winston Churchill. A man whose terrier like obsession with detail and ruthless pursuit of his vision is a lesson on what constitutes excellence.


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