Tim Bichara

The first Mobile Olympics

Now that the come down from the Olympic games is upon us, we can reflect on a truly mesmerising performance by Team GB which netted a record number of medals. What a fantastic achievement for our hardworking athletes.

But London 2012 is also record breaking for another reason. Over the past two weeks, the BBC has seen 12m requests for Olympic Games video coverage come from mobile devices. This equates to nearly 25% of the total number of Olympic viewers – the first real Mobile Olympics.

On her blog, Cait O’Riordan from the BBC details how the consumption of Olympic content varies over the course of the day from desktop to mobile devices. While desktop usage drops off after the end of the working day, tablet usage reached a peak at around 9pm. Consumers used their tablets both as a second screen and as a convenient way to watch the Olympics from their beds.

Interesting, Cait states that mobile usage remained pretty constant throughout the Olympic games – seeming people were using their mobile to check up on scores and events but preferring to actually watch the Olympics on tablets, desktops or good old fashioned teles.

So it’s what we suspected all along. Just like the birth of television never killed off radio, mobile won’t kill off desktop either. But things will change, with each channel becoming more niche and more suited to certain types of content.


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