Tim Bichara

Teenagers leaving Facebook?

No ‘one can deny Facebook’s presence in todays society.  Not only is one in seven people on the planet using it, with its user base still increasing, but Facebook recently announced a 108% leap in its earnings.

Everyone seems to be using it, from businesses to celebrities to everyday people.

All except teenagers it seems, it was revealed by Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer, David Ebersman. Over the last quarter there has been a decrease in teenage users.

While it seems the amount of teenagers with a Facebook account hasn’t drastically dropped, their online usage has, a lot of teenagers look to be spending their time on other newer and thus still fresh and exciting social services. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit being some of the more popular options.

However that doesn’t seem to be the only reason for the trend. If we look back 6-7 years back when Facebook was still in its infancy the majority of its users were teenagers.

As its popularity raised so too did its audience, these teenagers started to find friend requests from parents, and family members.

With this understandably came some drama as parents began to see pictures and posts their children would of preferred them not to see or vice versa.

There are a plethora of stories like this all over the internet, which brings us to another point.  Every time something is posted on Facebook, its usually there to stay.  Having pictures of your drunk one night stand hardly helps your career when your employer decides to check your Facebook account.  In extreme cases there have been stories of people  arrested over comments posted.

Personal responsibility is the backbone of our society, but do teenagers really need this kind of hassle when looking for a place to socialise?  Ultimately it can be less of a problem on other platforms with less adults present.

So ultimately what does this mean for Facebook?  Not a lot or the beginning of the end?

The reports of teenagers leaving Facebook may well have caused its sales to drop, but we don’t think they have too much to worry about just yet.  With over 1 billion users, we doubt it will be going anywhere, anytime soon.


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