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Study reveals trends on mobile usage behaviour

It’s hardly a secret how important mobile technology has become to society, its very rare to find anyone these days that doesn’t have either a smartphone or a tablet. Data has become the name of the game as companies look for how best they can target their content for users.

In light of this, a study was published last month, it looked at how people use their smartphones and mobile devices. While some of its findings seem like re-confirming what has become common sense, others we found eye opening.

“Mobile Devices are a Critical Part of Life

  • 85% of survey respondents said mobile devices are a central part of everyday life. 90% of those age 18-24 agreed.
  • 89% say that mobile devices allow them to stay up to date with loved ones and social events.
  • More than nine of ten consumers say that access to content however they want it is somewhat or very important.
  • 83% of consumers say a seamless experience across all devices is somewhat or very important.
  • Consumers most frequently associate “mobile” with a smartphone/cell phone (54% selected this association), while only 14% said tablets/e-readers.

Opting in to Mobile Messages from Brands

  • 76% of users agree that location sharing provides more meaningful content, and 73% believe that location sharing is somewhat or very useful.
  • Push messages are also effective in engaging consumers immediately. Only 8% wait or ignore the notification before checking it.
  • Although adoption by consumers is low (54% have actually opted in to receive text messages from a brand), text messaging is seen as somewhat or very useful by 91% of users who actually subscribe to a brand’s texts.
  • Males are significantly more likely than females to scan a coupon or QR code to get quick access to information (56% of males do this, vs. 39% of females).”

With how massive social media has become it was hardly surprising how 89% said they use mobile devices to stay upto date with their social situation. We certainly agree that being able to synchronize data between our various mobile devices is important.

The main figure we found interesting however was how of all the people who took part; only 8% wouldn’t check push notifications sent to their phone immediately.

The report goes into much further details such as which social media sees the most use at what times, and how many hours per day people spend on their mobile devices.

We recommend giving the full report a look, we found it a very enlightening insight into mobile usage behaviour.


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