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Slack launches single sign in layer

The business communication tool, Slack seems to be continuing its quest for world domination. A few days ago it unveiled a new featured called “Sign in with Slack” – which will let Slack users sign into and use other apps using their Slack identities.

Is that kind of like business version of Facebook connect? Well yes, pretty much.

Slack launches single sign in layerFor those that don’t know, Slack is a kind of messenger for business. Sort of like Skype but without the voice calls. It already interfaces with a whole bunch of 3rd party APIs which can come in very handy. For example, if you use Stripe on your website to handle payments you can see through the Slack interface exactly when payments are taken. Which is a great way to track transactions at a glance.

Slack is one of the darlings of the start up seen, and has seen some stellar growth since it launched in 2014. It’s current valuation is 3.8 billion dollars – and that’s with only 800,000 paying users!

Unsurprisingly a number of other start ups have piled in to the scene hoping to take a bite of their lunch. Is this new strategy part of a move to consolidate their market position? After all, it’s much harder to dislodge a developer ecosystem than a messenger app.

Slack is particularly interesting for us. We’re fascinated at Nimble about what makes a digital product truly world class and Slack is a great case study. For anyone wishing to understand a bit more about what makes a product’s ‘secret sauce’, this article from Andrew Wilkinson at MetaLab, who worked with Slack in the early days, makes fascinating reading.


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