Tim Bichara

Rumours say Samsung has begun manufacture of the iPhone 7 Chip

In something of an ironic twist after all the legal action that has taken place between Apple and Samsung, rumours suggest that Samsung has begun manufacture of the A9 chip, that will be used in the iPhone 7.

“Rumours suggest that Samsung has begun manufacturing the A9 chip, which will be the processor behind the iPhone 7, or even a possible iPhone 6S.

According to reports published by ETNews, Samsung will be using a new 14-nanometre FinFET technology for the chips.

This means that the A9 chips will be 15% smaller than the A8 chip found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

This admittedly came as something of a surprise to us, its hardly a secret that companies, like apple will contract others to create key components for their products. However with the legal history between the two companies, Samsung was the last company we expected to be involved in the production of the next iPhone.

Reports on the performance of the new chip looks hopeful, battery life has always been something of an issue with the iPhone, the A9 chip will be 20% more powerful, while being 35% less power intensive than its previous iteration.

It’s still far too early for any ETA on when we can expect to see the next iPhone, still we are excited to see what other new technology will make its way into the smartphone.


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