Tim Bichara

Publicis/Omnicom – what does it mean for mobile?

So we’ve all read the news about the Publicis Omnicom merger. But what does it mean for mobile?

Well, the new Publicis-Omnicom group will be the biggest communications agency in the world. Both Maurice Levy the Publicis CEO and his opposite number at Omnicom, John Wren, have argued that the scalling up is needed to compete with the new digital giants such as Google and Facebook.

eMarketer estimates that digital advertising will be $116 billion market this year, with North America alone worth $45.12 billion of that. Mobile advertising is expected to increase to $15.8 billion this year – a whopping increase of 80%.

Together Publicis and Omnicom spent $3.34 billion in media placement for their clients list year. With the likes of Facebook and Google relying on advertising for the majority of their income and the new Publicis-Omnicom group controlling the purse strings of their clients there will be some interesting times ahead.

Traditionally, the bigger creative and media agencies have been slow to invest in mobile advertising – clients even more slow. The push and the desire to experiment has often come from the smaller, more agile agencies and tech companies who are willing to take risks.

The new Publicis Omnicom group will have a large number of digital properties in its portfolio. But will they begin to break the mould and put some real resources into mobile advertising?


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