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Our 5 Favourite new features of iOS 8

The iPhone 6 finally reached stores last week, and with its release brought the subsequent arrival of iOS 8, and an end for the need for people to camp outside Covent Garden.

While we’d previously talked upon the various rumored features of iOS 8, now with its launch, we want to share a list of our 5 favourite new features of iOS 8.

1. Battery Monitoring

It’s happened to us all, your checking your phone to find the dreaded 1% next to your battery icon. Now you will be able to see which app has been imposing the greatest drain upon your phones battery. We’ve been waiting so long for this feature to be included in iOS.

2. Interactive Notifications

How has no ‘one thought to do this before? This is probably one of our favourite new features as it lets you action upon notifications as they appear. You can respond to texts, emails, and Facebook notifications all without leaving your current app.


3. Key People Shortcuts

A new addition to app manager screen is the addition of key people shortcuts. It will show your most recently used contacts at the top of the screen making it that much simpler to call or send a message to your friends.


4. Find my Phone

So this new feature fixes the issues we had always had with Find my iPhone, namely when the battery dies it becomes impossible to locate it after 24 hours via the app. Instead of wiping the last location after a 24 period, the service will show the last known location of the phone indefinitely, and will update this information when the battery drains to a critical level.

5. Leave Group Chats

This feature is a godsend to us, previously when you were added to a group chat, the only way to stop receiving messages were to ask members of the group to stop including you in the senders list. If you don’t want to leave the group there are options for renaming and muting the group.



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