Tim Bichara

New GPS chip can calculate its position without any signal

Its happened to us all in one form or another, you find yourself stuck out in a field, in the middle of nowhere with little clue how to get back. No problem you say taking your phone to check Google maps, only to find you have no signal.

No longer shall this be a problem in the future with U-Blox’s announcement of their latest chip, that can calculate its position even in places you would normally get no signal.

“The UBX-M8030-Kx-DR chip integrates 3D Automotive Dead Reckoning (3D ADR) technology, which enables it to calculate a vehicle’s position, speed, and elevation in areas of poor or no satellite visibility, a common scenario in high-density urban environments, stacked highways, or parking garages.”

That being said, because the system uses data from a vehicles accelerometer, gyroscope and speed sensors, getting this technology in our phones may still be a way off. Still as mobile technology continue to make leaps, we can look forward to the future, when this new system eventually makes the jump to mobile systems.


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