Tim Bichara

Mobile Usage in China

The mobile industry isn’t just expanding, it’s booming. As statistics gathered by flurry has shown there has been a 47% growth in the US alone. Which has put them in the bottom 5% of countries for connected device growth in the last year.


Just think that last sentence through again, as we now look at mobile usage in China. The Asian giant registered a connected device growth of 149% over the previous year. Back in June Flurry Analytics measures a grand total of 261,333,271 active smartphones and tablets in China, to put that into perspective that’s 24% of the entire world’s connected devices as measured by Flurry.


With these facts, it’s hardly surprising that mobile usage in China surpassed the US back in February. This is the country with the largest installed base of connected devices, and this doesn’t look like it will be short lived. With 4 times the population of the US, China has loads of room to continue this trend.

How will this change the face of the industry, now Mobile usage in China is ranked #1?

China however isn’t the only country to watch, with a population of 1.27 billion, and Mobile usage increase of 160%. While India won’t be catching up to China any time soon, perhaps that may change in the long term.


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