Tim Bichara

Mobile search – New UK startup

Everyone in the mobile marketing community has been saying it for years. Mobile isn’t just some strange thing that isn’t going to happen. It’s here. It’s here to stay. And as the next billion get on the mobile internet ladder, those in developing countries, we’ll know that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

One UK-based startup is so convinced of the power of mobile, they have launched a search engine that only brings up results that are mobile-optimised. This isn’t like the friendly icon being trialled by Google that pops a little mobile phone next to mobile-friendly websites. Mazoom only shows people sites that are going to be great for them to use on their smartphone.

For the mobile cautious, this should be the wake up call you need. People are inclined to use a competitor’s brand if their site displays better on their phone. Just think what will happen if your site doesn’t even get the chance to appear.

Founder Alex Persh told Mobile Marketing Magazine: “The mobile web is still developing and many big companies are trying to push people towards their tightly controlled apps, giving them greater control over their audience’s experience.

“This runs counter to the ideal of the open web, and we believe the founding principles of openness and interlinked content should remain in the mobile era. By building mazoom, we hope to encourage more companies to embrace mobile in the form of websites as well as apps.”


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