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Mobile Apps for Business

In 2013, we will see more and more businesses using mobile to make their work easier. Whether your workforce bring their own devices, or they come with the job, the consumerisation of IT means your office is a treasure trove of tablets and smartphones of increasingly different shapes, sizes and operating systems.

A recent survey of corporate web managers by Bowen Craggs & Company found that 46 per cent want to have developed a mobile app for their business by the end of this year. But where do you start?

Mobile apps can be deployed in any industry. A mobile app for business can enhance work practices both internally and externally, whether it streamlines processes, helps improve productivity or gives your staff the cutting edge during sales meetings.

Who will be using your app? What devices do they have and how will you ensure the app works? Will you develop a native app, perhaps your teams present sales presentations from an iPad, or would a web app be more appropriate? The costs of mobile phone application development are radically offset by efficiencies made.

What will the app be used for? An app can be loaded with anything from training materials to sales tools. Will the information need to be updated or is it static? Is it for a one-off event, perhaps an annual conference, or for constant use? Will you need to use it for lead generation by collecting data, for mCommerce selling directly from your device, or purely as a sales tool?

Security is key for many enterprises looking into mobile application development. Will you create a self-service corporate app store, offering different levels of access to different people in the business, or will the apps be kept in the App Store or Google Play market? Where is the information stored? The cloud is increasingly ensuring that devices stay small but smart, paper-based systems are gone and information is accessible at the swipe of a finger.

With such powerful devices at the hands of everyone in your business, you can’t afford not to examine the business case for developing one or more mobile apps for business. A mobile app development company can help you map out the user journey to ensure that the app is useful and used wherever and whenever it is needed.

Mobile apps for business reduce costs, increase efficiencies, help frontline staff engage and speed up traditionally paper-based processes. Don’t get hung up – seek expert advice – and ensure your business is fit for a 21st century workforce and your client-base.


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