Tim Bichara

Microsoft to reveal their own version of Siri

It’s been many years in the making but Microsoft finally has their answer to Siri and Google Now. Introducing Cortana, named after the AI in the Microsoft owned game series Halo, it is believed it will be included in the Windows Phone Update 8.1

“Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed to The Verge how Cortana looks and operates, replacing the built-in Bing search functionality on Windows Phone 8.1. While the feature is named after the Halo game series, Cortana will take the form of a circular animated icon instead of a female character. Cortana will animate when it’s speaking or thinking, forming a personality not dissimilar to Apple’s Siri.”

It should be noted while Cortana looks to only be the codename of the project, the name could change for the final version, Microsoft is expected to formally announce this system at the Build Conference in April

We find it a touch strange its taken Microsoft this long to implement this, after they seemed to have been working on a voice-enabled personal assistant back in 2011. With that timeframe we hope this isn’t just going to be a clone of Siri, its been in the works for long enough that it will be a big disappointment if it doesn’t develop or improve on the concept. There are still a few months till the Build Conference so here’s to hoping.


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