Tim Bichara

Microsoft to release dual-boot Android and Windows phone later this year

There has been a bit of a movement lately for dual OS computers, which can switch between the Windows and Android Operating system at the touch of a button. Microsoft revealed earlier this week this functionality might be making the leap to their phones.

“The Times of India reports that Karbonn signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft and plans to release handsets with dual-boot Android and Windows Phone in around six months time. It’s not clear what benefit dual-booting two separate operating systems brings, but the devices will reportedly target professionals and tech-savvy consumers. Karbonn’s first Windows Phone handsets are expected to arrive ahead of the dual-boot versions.”

This is a bit like the curved phones, we aren’t quite sure what problem this dual OS, is supposed to be fixing. Most of the main functions of a phone: Calling, texting, Taking photos, using the Internet, can all be done on both Android and Windows operating systems as it is. The only instance we can think of where you might ever want to swap between the OS on a phone is to access android or windows exclusive apps, but even then its probably not worth using up a chunk of your phone memory with having two OS installed, just to access some apps.

Admittedly the specifics and benefits of having a dual system haven’t been released yet, so maybe Microsoft will make something great out of this, we will have to wait and see.


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