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LG HomeChat to let you message your appliances.

Universal remotes aren’t anything new; they’ve been around since the 1980’s and have steadily improved over the years, going from a remote you could program to work with your TV and sound system, to more recent times when people can use their smartphone as the remote.

Now with LG’s announcement of the HomeChat earlier this week it seems they plan to take this concept to the next level.

The purpose of the HomeChat is that it will integrate with their various upcoming lines of smart appliances such as their fridge, hoover, or washing machine. This will allow you to message your appliances, much like texting, to give commands or receive status updates.

The washing machine might send you a message when it starts its wash, or you can message the hoover to find out what it’s currently doing. So yes, a future where you can message your fridge from the supermarket, to find out what you need to buy for dinner, is almost here.

The full specifics of how this system will work, hasn’t been released yet. Initially the system looks to only be available in English and Korean. While these two choices are understandable, it is odd they left out Japanese – after all the messenger client they have based this system off is Japanese messenger Line.

This comes in the wake of the formation of the AllSeen Alliance. This group was formed between companies like LG, Panasonic and Qualcomm back last December, with the purpose of bringing connectivity to, well, everything that could hold a microchip. Being able to message your appliances looks to be the first step towards this.

The prospect of a future that looks like Corning’s a day made of glass, where everything from the cooker to the bathroom mirror are synchronized and connected really excites us. Lets just hope they don’t inadvertently create Skynet while they’re at it.


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