Tim Bichara

iOS 7 Review

The iOS 7 review beta is currently in its 4th iteration. We’ve been playing around with it since June and we’d have to say that overall it’s an improvement on iOS 6. Here are a few of our favourite changes:

iOS7 Splash Screen

Unlock Screen

First of all the unlock screen has been changed. In iOS 6 and for many versions before it there has been a slider at the lower part of the screen to unlock the phone. This has been done away with in iOS 7.

Users are able to slide anywhere on the front screen for the same effect. While it’s a minor change, it just feels more natural. The shortcut to the camera is still there, so nothing has been lost.


Home Screen

They have also changed what happens when you double click the home button. Before, a little bar appeared at the bottom of the screen for swapping between open apps and allowing you to close them. With iOS 7, instead of a little bar, you get a new screen with the current screens of each open app paired with the icons.

We are in two minds about this change, as we love being able to see what screen we left an app on. We liked how unobtrusive the little bar had been. It also now takes slightly longer to close multiple apps as you slide the screens up rather than clicking on them.


Control Centre

The last change we’re going to talk about is probably our favourite in our iOS 7 review. It’s the inclusion of the control centre. With iOS 6, if you swiped from the top of the screen down it brought up your notifications. With iOS 7, if you swipe from the bottom up it brings up a new set of menus. This is the control centre.

There are shortcuts to various utilities and settings, such as the clock, the flashlight, wireless settings, brightness, music control and more. Many of these have been long overdue. The lack of quick access had always been a bit of a pet peeve of ours on iOS6 and a shortcut, especially to the wireless settings, has been desperately needed. Good work Jonathan Ive.

In Conclusion

These aren’t the only changes Apple have been making, just our favourite ones we thought we’d include in our iOS 7 review. We suggest you grab the beta and test it out yourself.


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