Tim Bichara

iOS 6 and Facebook Integration

These days all our clients want Facebook integration in their apps. The ability to share content at the touch of a button and market your product virally has become de rigeur for app creators everywhere.

At the moment, implementing share functionality in iOS applications is not always as straight forward as it might seem. Although Facebook does provide APIs and documentation they do have a tendency to change their internal code without warning. This means that sharing functionality has sometimes ceased to work without warning due to a Facebook ‘upgrade’. As the sharing code is held locally in the application the only way of fixing this is normally a new release leaving users frustrated.

But this is not the only barrier to full Facebook integration. Desktop users are normally logged into Facebook during the day – when they share an article on their desktop it is immediately published to their news feed no problem. On iPhone however, most users access Facebook via the Facebook mobile application. This means they are not logged into Facebook on Safari. When they attempt to share a piece of content through a 3rd party mobile application, they are forced to log into Facebook through the browser – turning a spontaneous desire to share into a rather laborious password remembering exercise.

The good news for iOS users is that iOS6 will include full Facebook integration. Users will be able to set up their Facebook account in the operating system rather like they do with their app store ID. Sharing a piece of content will then be a one click affair – full and instant Facebook integration into apps becoming a reality.
Or at least that is the idea.


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