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How Can App Development Companies Consider The User Experience?

Estimates suggest that there will be over 1 billion smart phone users in the world by 2015 and by the end of this year around 75% of the UK’s population will be using a smart phone.

For app development companies and marketers this means things are looking up and with the average number of apps on each device in the dozens, there’s plenty of room for expansion. So, what makes a good app from a users point of view?

Ever use an app and then in the middle of use it just suddenly crashes? There’s nothing as irritating. Apps should be tested rigorously for reliability and stability and tested in the most extreme conditions. Ensuring an app doesn’t over utilise systems resources, works under changing phone factors and doesn’t consume too much CPU power or RAM are all things to look out for. If it isn’t stable, it most likely won’t be popular. iPad app developers take note!

Each operating system has its own guidelines to ensure apps look and can be used consistently. These are things taken for granted like navigation controls and applications bars, but that if they are not consistent make the app messy and uncomfortable to use.

Slow loading times can destroy and apps popularity. Nobody wants to wait a minute for an app to load. Of course, some apps need time to gather information. This can be fixed by allowing this info to be loaded in a separate thread, while allowing the application to perform visible functions in another. iOs app developers should get to know the default apps the phone will be running, whereas an app development company that works on android systems needs to consider their different set up.

If you create an app you should see the user as a customer of yours and this means being polite. One of the main areas you need to be considerate in is regarding data amounts. If your app uses large amounts of downloaded data, then it’s only polite to inform the user with a quick pop up.

The app has to be functional and solve a problem that somebody else hasn’t yet. The app development company really needs to research the market place. Why try and reinvent the wheel – you will hardly be received with any acclaim for doing so. If you create an app, make sure it provides a worthy purpose.

Also, it is necessary if you are charging that you remember to provide an app that offers a service that isn’t offered for free elsewhere. One iPhone application known as WolframAlpha charged for the service in app form but offered it via browser for free. It was easy to figure which version mobile users wanted to use.


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