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Galaxy Gear Review: A first look

First we had smartphones, then Google came out with worlds first set of smartglasses, and now, coming soon we have smartwatches. Is this the next evolution of mobile, or a gimmicky product that will go the same way as the mini-disk? A week ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear, an android powered device that sits on your wrist. Lets take a look at the pro’s and cons in our Galaxy Gear review:

For starters the watch boasts a 1.9 mega-pixel camera, with the ability to record both pictures and video, uploading them straight to Facebook or your phone.
The watch holds Samsung’s version of Siri, which lets the user compose texts, make calendar appointments, set alarms and even see the weather forecast, all without a touch of a button.

Samsung is also pushing that it will be able to translate foreign signs for you, and allow you to answer your phone just by lifting your wrist to your ear.

With all those interesting features what can possibly go wrong I hear you ask? Most of the aforementioned features require a paired Samsung Mobile Device to function, essentially turning the watch into an expensive phone add-on.

If we look at the design we can see it isn’t going to be winning any design awards, its unimaginative, pretty chunky and with a battery life of only a day (25 hours to be exact.), expect it to abandon you the moment you need it.

The problem we have with the Galaxy Gear is its taking the watch which has always been a reliable device made to fulfill its simple role accurately and without needing to worry about keeping it charged, while the google glasses are adding a new perspective to how we can use apps and technology, nothing the Galaxy Gear offers can’t be done just as well by taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

In conclusion of the Galaxy Gear review, while there are incoming smart-products like Google glasses, which we are quite excited about, the Galaxy Gear unfortunately seems like one of those gimmicky products that will come and go without much notice. Of course with how out of nowhere the mobile explosion came from, our Galaxy Gear review could be wrong.


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