Tim Bichara

Finding the way in iOS Maps

So the war is on again. Apparently, Apple have been feeling pretty miffed that, while Google have been refining their map offering on Android phones, their iOS version has been left a very poultry second place.

So in typical petulant Apple style, they have replaced Google Maps with their own iOS Maps application – further deepening the split between the two companies.

The new iOS Maps application offers spoken navigation and vector based displays; no more waiting for pixels graphics to load on slow 3G connections. You can also tell Siri where you want to and she’ll take you there with big bold visual and spoken clues. Interface wise, the iOS Maps application is receiving a big thumbs up.

But businesses should be aware of one important point. iOS Maps is getting its points of interest (shops, restaurants etc) from Yelp. This database has a lot less information than Google and many businesses are not on it at all. It’s vital the businesses get onto it as soon as possible, as 400 million iOS devices will soon be using it to find their nearest coffee shop.


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