Tim Bichara

Does the BlackBerry have any juice left

We had a great meeting last week at Nimble Towers with Andrew Tipton, Senior Alliance Solutions Manager from Research in Motion. Andrew is one of RIM’s BlackBerry evangelists – who’s remit it is to extol the virtues of this currently overlooked platform to brands and developers alike.

While most clients are concentrating on Android and iOS, BlackBerry handhelds are currently viewed as a bit of an also ran – old technology who’s days are numbered. It is true that the Java based handheld OS does have it’s…ahem…idiosyncrasies, but the demographics and penetration of this platform should be ignored at their peril. BlackBerry own the 16-24 age group in the UK, no contest, and for this group, BlackBerry messenger is a daily method of communication.

What’s more, BlackBerry apps enable brands to communicate with users much more directly that other platforms. With BlackBerry apps you can communicate direct to user’s inboxes or BBM profiles – fantastic for marketing and CRM. BBM is a closed loop system. Marketers can distribute a coupon from one source and watch it profligate in a way that is not possible on the web.

So although RIM have had their problems, we would advise any client to consider BlackBerry seriously in their mobile strategy. And for the developers – rumour is that the tablet QNX platform will be rolled out to all handsets before long. Bring it on.


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