Tim Bichara

Burstly’s SkyRocket is to be grounded by summer

It was only a month ago when we talked about Apple’s purchase of Burstly, the company behind several powerful beta testing services, most predominantly TestFlight, but also the monetization service SkyRocket. A service that now looks to be coming to an end by summer.

“Citing a letter apparently sent to SkyRocket users from Burstly cofounder Ryan Rifkin, TechCrunch reports the firm is terminating the mobile app monetization service’s publisher and SDK license. The end-by date is set for June 9.”

This isn’t the first service under Burstly that’s come to an end in the wake of their acquisition by Apple: First they announced an end to android support for TestFlight, then FlightPath Beta was discontinued, now with the news SkyRocket is to be grounded, we can’t help but be a bit nervous about the fate of the remaining service TestFlight.

While both Burstly and Apple are remaining tight-lipped about the reasons behind these moves, the implication is that Apple is looking to integrate these services into their own platforms.

We can understand them wanting to start with a clean slate, but that’s going to be a lot of customers they are turning away, not all of who are guaranteed to return when Apple rolls their system out. A risky move in our opinion but we’l see what Apple has in store for us.


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