Tim Bichara

Apple’s new iPad 3 expected tomorrow

With the latest iPad3 debut set for tomorrow, we rounded up all the rumours and anecdotes flying around, to provide you with a snapshot of what to expect at tomorrow’s event.

The ‘Retina’ screen is the most highly anticipated change for the iPad 3 with a higher resolution very likely, taking it from a meager 1024×768 to 1536×2048 when compared to the current iPad 2. This will take the pixel density to 260ppi, which isn’t exactly the 326ppi on the iPhone 4 but close enough to provide a similar, clear visual experience.

To deal with the higher number of pixels and keeping in line with precedent, the processors on the iPad3 will be possibly bumped up to an A6 chip, or else retain the current dual-core A5 chip but with upgraded graphics chips for better performance.

Apple recently announced the Messages app for its upcoming OS X Mountain Lion (due this summer), merging Facetime and iChat on the Mac platform. Expect them to buildup these existing features on the iPad3 by equipping it with better cameras like the superb 8MP on the iPhone 4S.
Not much else is expected to change. The dimensions should be similar, keeping the belly button and the familiar, tapered aluminium back. Best of all, the new iPad 3 pricing should match existing iPad 2 prices as well.
Get live coverage at 6pm tomorrow (Wednesday, 7 March) and see how the rumours stack up!


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