Tim Bichara

Android Celebrated its 5th Birthday

Last week it was Androids 5th birthday, to think that 5 years ago almost to the day was the announcement of the HTC Dream, the first commercially released product running the then new android operating system.

The HTC Dream release was met with a mixed but mostly positive response; with a slide-out keyboard, 192 mb of RAM and a 3.2 inch screen running a resolution of 320×480. The phone was a far cry from the mainstream phones we have available today.

As good as it’s specs were back then, it was generally seen as unable to match up with the iPhone, which had been released the year before.
However much like its namesake it was just the first step in a long road, android started to get popularity with the release of the Motorola Droid later in 2009.

With Androids 5th birthday, 5 years on from the Dream, Android has overtaken iOS in the US, and is being installed into all manner of devices, from tablets, phones, watches, to a fridge, yes even a fridge.

We think its amazing to see the leaps in mobile technology since the Dream was announced, and it begets the question of what will android be like, 5 years from now?

Would we look back on these years and wonder how we ever managed before android was loaded into everything from our toasters to our cars. Whatever the outcome the future is looking bright for mobile technology.


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