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If you’re looking for Android app developers, Nimble Mobile are well placed to help you. It’s true that the last few years have been all about Apple and iOS, but with Android now outselling iOS devices in most major markets Android app developers are suddenly in great demand.

At Nimble we understand the differences between the mobile platforms. We don’t just ‘port’ apps from iPhone to Android, we are experienced Android developers who know how to adapt our products to work beautifully on all the different Android handsets.

In many ways, Android is actually more complicated to develop for than iOS. When we design for Android we actually have to design 3 times for 3 different resolutions – 4 if we include tablet sizes. Used by multiple handset manufacturers, Android is actually more temperamental than iOS. Android app developers need to know all the little tricks of the trade to make their code work seamlessly across different devices each with its own little idiosyncrasies.

But we still love Android apps and we love being Android developers. Truth is, it’s a great platform and with handsets as cheap as £80 it’s growing fast, twice as fast as Apple in fact . Although Apple still have the affluent market, the availability of cheap Android phones has made it the handset of choice for the middle and bottom ends of the sector. And for any brand wanting to get into the developing world, finding Android developers is a must.
We saw some great things on Chrome for Android in Barcelona this year, including full integration with the device’s camera. This is something that still can’t be done from the browser in iOS, and it doesn’t seem likely to happen with the iOS6 release.


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