Tim Bichara

A look at the LG Flex

So lately there seems to be an odd new trend in mobiles, namely the inclusion of a curve to their design. No nothing as drastic as what people thought the galaxy gear would look like, but more interesting than what we got.  

Back in October Samsung set off this curve by announcing the Galaxy Round, a phone like all their others except the phone is curved along its vertical axis.

In the wake of this LG was quick to announce their curved phone, in the form of the LG Flex, another curved phone, this time curved along its horizontal axis.

So what advantage does this curved addition add to the phones functionality, besides fitting better in your pocket. In all honesty, not a lot, it all seems a touch gimmicky, both trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist yet.

However hold your horses before you pass judgment, while the curved design is a touch underwhelming, there is a little gem of a feature that has us excited, so lets have a closer look at the LG Flex.

Reviewers on the Internet have been comparing the LG flex to Terminator’s T-1000, not because its going to travel into the past to kill your grandmother, no because the coating on the back of the phones heals light scratches.  We’ve all heard of scientists creating polymers that can self heal, for that technology to finally start to see some commercial use, and stop our phones looking like they’ve been in a war is amazing.

While the technology is nowhere near perfect, just think where it could be in a year’s time? Screens that fix themselves when you sit on them, or when you drop them off in the street?

True to its name the Flex seemed to have no trouble returning to it shape even after being flattened.  Word is LG is already making production plans for an even more flexible phone that can bend nearly 90 degrees, perhaps in a year we’l get a look at the LG Flex 2.

It sounds like soon being able to break a phone may become an achievement in itself.


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