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A Guide to Choosing an iPhone App Developer

Apple’s App store has seen dozens of millions of apps downloaded in the last five or so years since its introduction. Of course, this has meant that there are hundreds of businesses specialising in the app production area and building apps for the iPhone and iPad.

For business owners, it means that you can now hire an iOS application development company to bring your vision to life and create a compelling and interactive experience for iOS devices. However, before you get this far, you also need to hire a great iPhone app developer – something not as easy as it seems. So, how do you know you’re getting the best developer to bring your app alive?


Apps and app development are skilled jobs and as such, some iPhone app developers in London will have more experience in one form of app or platform than another. There are plenty of great developers on all platforms; however you should ensure that the one you choose suits you and your needs. You want a bespoke developer who has experience in the specific area you require.

Of course, the next thing you have to ask for is proof. Ask them for a portfolio of apps they’ve created and then take a look to see if this is the sort of app you would like.


Ask the developer how much experience they have of working on the platform and how long they’ve  been doing it. If they only began to create apps a short time ago, this may mean they don’t have the experience necessary to shine. Another thing to look out for is how long they’ve been in the development field. If they or their team have plenty of experience in software development and have worked in the area for a long time, it’s often a good sign.


iPhone App developers in London come in all shapes and sizes and some apps are created by individuals, others by a small iOS application development company and plenty by large businesses. However, you need to know who you will be dealing with and if it’s the same person you talked to in the initial stages. A dedicated account manager will show commitment to your project and not be distracted by other issues.


Ask the developer how they can add value to your app. Though most developers are programmers, or designers, the best are the ones who can add value to your company through an understanding of what you need. This comes from experience, vision and also hard work. They need to know what’s best for your business and this involves specifics not just some flashy coding or design. It’s about the whole picture and this often escapes some businesses.


Ask them for documentation or planning for the app and what they envisage. This gives you an idea on paper what the app will be like and means that the idea is not there to see. You wouldn’t buy a suit without seeing it first and an app is the same. You need to know if it fits, looks good and is comfortable to use.


You want to have a warranty of work to ensure that the app is covered should a bug pop out of the code at one stage or another. This means that the developer will fix any issues that arise within a specific period. There are generally bugs of some degree in software and it’s usually no issue to fix. However, if the developer says they never get bugs this can be a suspicious sign and one you should be wary of.

Keep all of the aforementioned in mind and you will most likely end up with a top quality app that looks just as good as it performs.


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