Tim Bichara

Rumours that the iWatch will reach US stores in March

Back in September, Apple announced their answer to the smart watch trend, namely the iWatch. Its now rumored we can expect to see it reaching US stores in March, with as of yet no date for UK stores.

“Apple is finishing up work on the Apple Watch’s software, and sources familiar with the product’s development say that the device is currently on track to ship in the United States by the end of March.”

Its no secret we can be a bit of a hard sale when it comes to smart-watches, our original exposure to the Galaxy Gear left us unimpressed, and until now there hasn’t been a smart-watch product that has grabbed our attention.

What interests us however, is the iWatch seems to be the first smart-watch to move away from a complete reliance on its small touch screen. While still a feature, the iWatch makes use of the watches crown, the small adjustment knob on the side, as an additional input device.

The iWatch is by no means perfect, its reported Apple is still working on its low battery life of 24 hours, and the watch still requires a linked iPhone to function properly.

All in all however, with how the iWatch is looking, we think it’s a step in the right direction for a truly great wearable device.


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