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Monetising your mobile content part 1

Getting creative with mobile advertising: As part of a series on monetising your content over mobile we start by looking at mobile advertising and how you can break through the 320x50 pixel banner.

Banner ads ported over from online are still the norm for many mobile ad campaigns, but the laziness with which they seem to hang around our screens can make it difficult for publishers to sell them to advertisers. It has never been easier to create a rich experience from a static creative, but ads in your inventory should enable advertisers to make the best use of the phone’s native features, like touch. Mobile users expect engaging experiences and advertisers are increasingly looking to publishers to help them differentiate themselves from other brands by including them as part of ad deals. Banner ads direct. Rich media ads engage.

Be creative
Unique games, real-time data, image reels, animations, videos, 3D elements and even ‘askvertising’ make ads more interactive and impressive, which can mean more clicks and and conversions. Excite your partners with what is possible and identify premium placements, such as the ads on the homepage or start page, or even a full takeover, full-page transparencies, overlays or interstitials. It can be tempting to overcomplicate your ad – remember what you want the user to feel or do when they finished watching.

Not every mobile device is on wifi
It’s important to understand bandwidth limitations. Despite new devices and faster networks, 3G and 4G networks aren’t built to serve large video files or ads without some download time. Users may not return to a mobile landing page or app jam-packed with rich media ads that takes too long to download – this may result in less revenue per impression. Excessive use may put also off your target audience.

Track and analyse
Time-based and touch-based metrics can be measured when tracking tech is built in to an ad. This means you can easily know what is prompting a direct response or creating brand awareness. By exceeding advertisers demands for innovative and creative ways to deliver campaigns across all of your available inventory, to a large or segmented audience, publishers can increasingly ask for premium CPM rates.


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