Tim Bichara

iOS 8 rumoured to have split screen multitasking.

The next iPhone is set to come out later this year, along with it the next iteration of iOS. As with any upcoming release, so too come the rumors of possible features the next operating system will add to its repertoire.

The rumors range from inclusion of an integrated song identification system, to higher quality audio playback. The feature however that has gotten us very interested, is the possibility of split screen multitasking.

Split screen multitasking is a feature that has most prevalently been pushed on Microsoft’s Surface Tablets, the ability for the user to have two apps open and displayed on the screen at the same time. This would allow the user to for example write an email, while having the calendar open so the user can check their schedule.

Apple may be taking this concept further however, allowing two apps open at the same time to interact between each other. Imagine watching a video on YouTube, and then being able to instantly share it with your friends over Skype.
The potential for what this new freedom could allow developers to create in apps, to both interact and augment one another, makes us really excited for what could be.

This unfortunately remains just rumour for the moment, we won’t know for sure what features iOS 8 will include till Apple’s official reveal on June 2nd. Still we are very hopeful that this long overdue system will be a part of the next iteration of iOS.


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